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Our Current Topic


This is just a starting point, We follow the childrens interests and develop our learning from there.

Communication and Language

  • Have group discussion, encourage children to listen to each other.

  • Bring numbers into the role play area- Telephone numbers, calculators, door numbers etc.

  • New vocabulary- calculate and calculation

Physical Development

  • Go on number hunts

  • Count steps, hops and jumps

  • Can you make yourself taller? or smaller?

  • Make number tracks on the ground and encourage the children to explore these.


  • Do helicopter stories around our theme.

  • Provide number books and props.

  • Make a  sensory tray using coloured rice, encourage the children to make marks in this using fingers.

  • Have lots of stories with repetition and rhyme and encourage everyone to join in.

Personal, social and emotional development

  • Talk about how we are all unique, just like each flower.

  • Talk about our families, talk about how many people are in our family.

  • Talk about birthdays and how old we re, what is your special number? can you find your number outside?

Understanding the world

  • ​Look at days of the week.

  • Look at "The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carl- How many of each fruit did he eat?

  • What is the number of your door?

  • Look at tall trees and little flowers.

  • Count everything while out and about.


  • Sort natural resources such as leaves and flowers by size, look at the language of size

  •  Look at the language of size, tiny, tall, thin, wide.

  • Count everything, look at more and less.

  • Make number lines with the children following their interest.

  • Play dice games and dominoes.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Make and decorate numbers to make a number line.

  • Make big, small and middle sized houses, animals etc and compare sizes. 

  • Dance- make big movements and small movements.

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