Our Current Topic

I find that following a topic based on the interests and development of the children, helps to embed what they are learning, challenges them to explore and find out what else is possible and encourages them to acquire new skills. 

Bonfire night and remembrance day

I'Personal, Social and Emotional development

  • Every day, have a quiet time where children can talk about their feelings - use our emotions mirror to empower little ones to name their feelings.

  • Talk about being kind to the creatures we find.

  • Display images of the activities we have been doing. Use these as prompts to talk about our likes and dislikes.

  • Continue to offer choices and facilitate children's growing independence 

Prime areas

Communication and Language

  • Encourage eye contact, using touch or voice to provide ideal opportunities for early conversations.

  • Encourage playfulness, turn-taking and responses, including peek-a-boo using scarves or blankets

  • Use pictures, books, and signs alongside your words.

  • Share the fun of discovery and value all attempts at words.

Physical Development

  • Play out, providing adequate clothing for the weather.

  • Provide lots of opportunities for mine motor practice- glitter in the sensory tray, gloop, chalks on black paper.

  • Provide lots of opportunities for gross motor practice- spinning like a Catherine wheel, jumping high like a rocket.

  • Dance around to music waving sparkly tinsel and pompoms.

  • March like soldiers.

  • use pipettes and coffee filter paper to make poppies- working finger muscles

This is just a snap shot of what we are doing, my planned activities simply provide a spring board for children to come come up with their own ideas. The children will also follow their own interests and investigations.

Colorful Fireworks
Sunset over Poppy Field

Understanding the world

The World-

  • Make breadstick sparklers- talk about melting solids to make liquids.

  • Provide a range of everyday objects for little ones to explore and investigate such as treasure baskets.

  • Provide novelty – make small changes in the predictable environment. 

  • Play hiding and finding games inside and outdoors.

  • Draw attention to things in different areas that stimulate interest, such as a patterned surface.

Specific areas





Expressive Arts and design

  • Being imaginative- Provide  a story boxes filled with interesting items  to encourage the children's interest and imagination.

  • Provide role play props such as wellies and gloves and a retend bonfire

  • Exploring Media- Provide black paper glue and glitter to make fire work pictures

  • Provide red paint, and other media to make poppies

  • Play appropriate music to dance to


  • ​Use and encourage "firework words" such as wizz, bang, fizz.

  • Story- Look at the owl who was afraid of the dark.

  • New rhyme- Five little fireworks

  • Remembrance- work on the word "Thankyou"

Mathematical Development


  • Count everything

  • Use number words in meaningful contexts, e.g. ‘Here is your other mitten. Now we have two’.

  • Talk about ‘lots’ and ‘few’ as little ones play.

  • Shape Space and Measure

  • Provide a range of objects of various textures and weights in treasure baskets to excite and encourage little ones interests.

  • Encourage little ones to explore size and shape.