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Bonfire Night

This is just a starting point, We follow the childrens interests and develop our learning from there.

Physical Development

  • Be fireworks- Dance around to music waving sparkly pompoms and tinsel.

  • Make large chalk firework pictures outside using gross motor movements.

  • Bonfire night themed sensory tray- Glitter, confetti and salt.

  • Use pipettes and coffee filter paper to make poppies.

  • March like soldiers.


  • Display firework words such as fizz and bang.

  • Stories - The Owl who was afraid of the dark. When the hugs came.

  • Do helicopter stories around our themes

Understanding the world

  • Make breadstick sparklers.

  • Talk about fire safety and the role of the fire brigade.

  • Set a bonfire scene with small world toys- include fire engines.

  • Watch cbeebies poppies and talk about it.

Communication and Language

  • New vocabulary- pop, whizz bang, fireworks, bonfire. Armistice, peace, remembrance, poppies.

  • New rhyme- 5 little fire works, The Grand Old Duke Of York.

  • Talk about why we wear poppies.

Personal, social and emotional development

  • Watch Bing Fireworks- Talk about how we feel about loud noises, are they exciting o a bit scary.

  • Talk about staying safe around bonfires an fireworks.

  • Talk about those people who keep us safe.

  • Watch Cbeebies Poppies- what do we thinkhappened?


  • Sort sparkly pompoms by colour.

  • Look at the shapes of fireworks.

  • Make pretend fireworks using 2D shapes.

  • Make different sized poppies and sort by size.

  • Count poppies.

  • Use circles to make poppies.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Provide props for bonfirenight role play.

  • Provide back paper, glue and glitter to make fireworks pictures.

  • Dance like a firework to Beethovens 12th.

  • Look at red and dhades of red, what can we find that is red?

  • Process art such as string painting.

  • Provide materials to make poppies

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