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Our Current Topic

I find that following a topic based on the interests and development of the children, helps to embed what they are learning,

 challenges them to explore and find out what else is possible and encourages them to acquire new skills. 

Valentines and Shrove Tuesday.

I'Personal, Social and Emotional development

  • Vary activities so that children are introduced to different materials and new experiences.

  • Make sure that children have opportunity to move outside, choosing the right outdoor clothing for the weather: talk about how now it is colder, we need to wear warmer clothes outside.  

  • Sing the hello song every day and allow time for everyone to say how they feel, using our emotions mirror.

  • Talk about people we love and those who love us.

  • Look at kindness; what can we do to be kind?

This is just a snap shot of what we are doing, my planned activities simply provide a spring board for children to come come up with their own ideas. The children will also follow their own interests and investigations.

Communication and Language

  • New vocabulary: Valentine, love, heart shape, love, shrove, pancake.

  • Talk about love- what is it, what does it feel like.

  • new song: mix a pancake.

  • Ask the children what we can do to be kind to other people. Have they spotted anyone being kind 

  • Use heart shapes to compare different sizes, shapes, colours and positions


Prime areas

Physical Development

  • Draw hearts using chalk outside using gross motor movement. How big can we make our heats?

  • Provide lots of opportunities for mine motor practice- heart shape themed lacing or playdough.

  • Provide stubby crayons and pencils that need to be held using a tripod grip. 

  • Use fine motor and gross motor skills to measure out and mix up pancake batter.

  • Provide paper pancakes and light pans to pratice tossing our pancakes.

Image by Fadi Xd

Specific areas



Expressive Arts and Design

  • Provide props for story themed role play

  • Provide materials and encourage children to plan and make their valentine/ pancake themed art.

  • Make valentines cards.

  • Provide natural resources to create woks of art using paint, playdough etc. . .


Understanding the world

  • Continue to look at winter, what is the weather like?

  • Make bird feeders and talk about looking after the birds in winter.

  • Sensory trays- All things pink and red- rice, playdough, gloop etc. Natural resources such as pinecones, sticks and fir branches. 

  • What is shove tuesday?

  • What do we put in pancakes?

  • Waht is healthy and what are not healthy fillings?



  •  books: Guess how much I love you, Someone Special, the enormous pancake. 

  • Lots of threading and playdough activities to strengthen little fingers in readiness for writing.

  • Markmaking - Always ensure there are materials out to encourage mark making.

  • Provide a text rich environment.  Encourage interaction with these resources.

  • Use a recipe to model the use of the printed word to make pancakes.

  • Use snow, glitter etc as an opportunity to mark make.

Mathematical Development

  • Count everything

  • Provide different sizes of heart shapes and encourage sorting by size.

  • Provide heart themed and pancake themed number lines.

  • Look at one more.

  • Look at positional language.

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