Our Current Topic

I find that following a topic based on the interests and development of the children, helps to embed what they are learning, challenges them to explore and find out what else is possible and encourages them to acquire new skills. 

I'Personal, Social and Emotional development

  • Every day, have a quiet time where children can talk about their feelings - use our emotions mirror to empower little ones to name their feelings.

  • Talk about being kind to the creatures we find.

  • Display images of the activities we have been doing. Use these as prompts to talk about our likes and dislikes.

  • Continue to offer choices and facilitate children's growing independence

  • As we look after the birds, talk about the importance of kindness and how being kind makes us feel. 

Prime areas


In the last half of this term we are going to explore Spring.

I going to encourage our little ones to continue to engage in sensory activities. We will continue to explore the weather and be outside of at least part of every day. We will observe the season and how it changes. This will also be an opportunity for us to think about caring for our environment and in particular looking after the birds that visit our garden. 

Communication and Language

  • Spring vocabulary- Spring, rain, sunshine, rainbows, buds, growing.

  • Provide stories with repetitive phrases and structures- The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

  • Provide small world invitations to play both inside and out and engage with little ones as they play, extending the vocabulary they all ready have.

  • Take spring themed photos while out and about and display them to encourage discussion.

Physical Development

  • Play out, providing adequate clothing for the weather.

  • Go for Spring walks.

  • Provide lots of opportunities for mine motor practice- bird seed sensory play

  • Provide lots of opportunities for gross motor practice- climbing opportunities.

  • Set challenges- Can you hop like a frog?

This is just a snap shot of what we are doing, my planned activities simply provide a spring board for children to come come up with their own ideas. The children will also follow their own interests and investigations.

Understanding the world

The World-

  • Make bird feeders

  • Explore outside, looking for signs of Spring.

  • Play with and plant seeds.

  • Let the little ones help to care for new seedlings.

  • Make plastic bag green houses to grow beans.

People And Communities

  • Celebrate mothers day- make presents and cards, story- Just Like you

  • Celebrate Easter- Easter Egg hunt, making Easter Nests, talk about new life

Specific areas

Expressive Arts and design

  • Being imaginative- Provide topic based story boxes filled with interesting items so encourage the children's interest and imagination.

  • Provide topic based role play props.

  • Play topic based music and provide ribbons to dance with.

  • Exploring Media- Provide paint indoors and out - on the slide, in a puddle, on perspex.

  • Provide yellow and green resources to make spring pictures.

  • Make cards to celebrate Mothers Day and Easter


  • Reading- Provide topic based stories- The very Hungry Caterpillar, Just Like You, Guess how Much I Love You in Spring 

  • Make our own topic based stories.   

  • Use topic based sensory play- salt and glitter etc- as an opportunity for mark making.

  • Writing- Write down things children say to support their developing understanding that what they say can be written down and then read and understood by someone else. (Helicopter Stories)

  • Sing Spring themed songs- Mary Mary, 5 Little Peas.

Mathematical Development


  • Make topic based number line

  • Provide topic themed number matching activities

  • Shape Space and Measure-Use topics based activities to look at size and shape- ovals to make birds, circles to make caterpillars etc.

  • Make a spring themed number line.

  • Look for shapes and number in the environment- count everything.

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