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Do you Charge for holidays?

I charge half normal fees for parents and children's holidays for the first four weeks in the year. After that full fees apply.

I make no charge for my own holidays.


What holidays do you take?

Usually four weeks a year plus any additional bank holidays. I usually take one week at or around Easter, two weeks in the Summer and one week over Christmas. I provide a list of holiday dates when we sign contracts and then every January.


What happens if I am late collecting my child?

I appreciate that there will be times when you are late due to unforeseen circumstances and I will, of course, continue to care for your child.  A text is sufficient to let me know and give an estimated time of arrival.  If you are 15 minutes late, and I have not heard from you, I will try to contact you or another emergency contact. I am flexible and although late charges are applied, I am not to ten minutes- anybody can get stuck in traffic. However, if I think this is becoming a habit, we will have to amend the contract.


What happens if I want to drop off late/collect early?

It is not normally a  problem if you want to drop off later/collect earlier than your contracted hours.  However, you will still have to pay for your contracted hours.  I will always be at home when a child is due to be dropped off or collected but outside these times, you may have to come to where we are.  It is not fair for the other children to miss out on our regular groups or cut short an outing because your child will be dropped off late/collected early. Please note, if you want to drop off earlier than the contracted start time, I cannot guarantee to be at home. 


What happens if you can’t work due to illness?

 In the event that I am ill, I will provide you with details of my backup childminders.  I work very closely with these childminders and your child will know them; have visited their home and know the children they mind.  We meet up regularly in each other’s homes and also see each other at children centres; toddler groups and local events.  I will not charge you.  If you are happy for one of my backup childminders to care for your child, then you would pay them directly.


What happens if my child is ill?

I appreciate that you cannot take time off every time your little one has a cold.  I am happy to continue caring for children on the proviso that they are well enough to join in our activities including being outside. If your child has a tummy bug,  I won’t be able to look after them until 48 hours after the illness.  As I am available to work and unable to fill the space at short notice, you will be charged when your child cannot attend due to illness.  If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, it may be necessary for you to collect them early depending on their illness.


What happens if you are taken ill suddenly?

In the unlikely event that I am taken ill suddenly, I carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with the contact details of my husband and back-up childminders. My husband will get in touch with all the parents and one of my back-up childminders will sit with the children until their parents arrive.  If I am taken ill whilst at home, my there is a childminder literally two streets away, another further up the street and another just around the corner who can all act as emergency backup.


 What hours are you open?

Normal working hours are Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.30 pm. 


What is included in fees?

Food - All meals, snacks and drinks- a sample menu is available upon request.

Outings - all outings such as visits to the park, library and toddler groups. Occasional special outing to places such as the zoo.

Resources - all toys, games, arts and crafts materials, food for cooking, ingredients for eg making playdough. 

The only things that are not included in the fee is nappies, baby milk, and any special food eg Gluten free bread.


What is not included in fees?

Nappies, nappy cream, suncream, baby milk.


Please feel free to contact me with any other queries you may have.


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