November 2021

Welcome to November.

 Last month we explored harvest and added fruit and veg to our sensory play, painting, sticking, stirring and squeezing all things that we could find that were edible. This provided lots of opportunities to build up those finger muscles in readiness for writing later in our learning adventure. There were as always lots of prompts for us to discover new words as we explored new textures, colours, smells and tastes.


We have a very busy month in November. This week we are looking at bonfires and fireworks, next week we will look at remembrance- thinking about those who work to keep us safe and we will be looking at and making poppies. This year Armistice Day falls on Thursday. We will be marking this at 11.00 with a 2 minute pause in our activities, I do this by watching with the children the CBEEBIES poppy video. 

Then we can begin to look at Christmas! This brings all sorts of learning opportunities, please so have a look at my planning page.

Learning at home-

  1. Why not watch firework display vidios prior to bonfire night to prepare your little one for the noise that is to come. Use words like pop, bang and fizz to encourage your little ones language development.

  2. CBEEBIES poppies video is available on you tube and well worth a look. You could watch that with your little one and talk them what is happening.

  3. Have lots of fun when out and about slashing in puddles, collecting leaves and sticks and talking about all the sights and sounds around us. 

  4. Count everything- jumps, steps, toys, shoes etc.

IMG_20201005_102559 (1).jpg

Covid is still with us 

Sickness and Isolation

  • If a child develops symptoms of coronavirus, they need to return home immediately and follow current guidelines.  

  • If your child is feeling unwell with other symptoms, please do not bring them as I need to protect my family and other children in the setting from illness and closures which would adversely affect everyone.

Social distancing Guidelines​

  • Toddler groups are back! Socialising is so important for the all round development of little ones. We have had lots of fun visiting groups and as always, I will ensure that good hygiene and infection control is observed.

  • We will continue to use the garden as much as possible, to limit exposure and cross contamination.

  • When we are inside rooms will still be well ventilated.

  •  Everyone has their own drinking beaker (either you can bring from home) or I will supply one.  If a child does pick up another beaker to drink from it, I will clean it thoroughly before they use it again.

  • Children will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly ie before meals, after playing in the garden, after sneezing etc.

  • We will continue to use separate hand towels for each child, these are changed and washed daily.

  • If children need to wash or blow their nose, they will be encouraged to do so themselves, dispose of the tissue into a lidded bin and wash their hands.  For the much younger children, I will wipe their nose, dispose of the tissue and wash my hands.





I aim to get out with the children most days even if it is raining. Please make sure your child has a suitable waterproof and wellies, and as always we will be getting messy!


I am aware that some of your emergency contacts may not be available due to this virus, If this is the case, please let me know sooner rather than later and if at all possible lets sort out some alternative emergency contacts.

If you think your child cannot manage the day without calpol, then they need to stay at home, as calpol can mask a temperature. I am more than happy to give prescribed medication if a form is completed first.

Thank you for your continued support