April 2021

Welcome to April. Childcare settings continue to be able to remain operational so I can continue to care for your little ones.

  Lockdown restrictions appear to be working and we can now enjoy an easing of restrictions. However, as schools returned there has been an increase in covid infections. Fortunately this has not led to an increase in hospitalisations, confirmation that the vaccination programme is working. But please be aware that if I or my husband rest positive, or if a child in my care tests positive, I will need to close and self isolate. So following the guidelines is still important and we still have to ensure social distancing. If you arrive to drop off or collect your little one and another parent is already there please respect social distancing guidelines.


Throughout  March we made the most of being able to get out in the fresh air, going for walks including in  the rain investigating mud and  puddles, and looking for signs of Spring. We have planted seeds, fed the birds, investigated worms  and observed trees. I plan to continue to look at Spring following the children's interests and take an in depth look at the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." 



Learning at home

Talk with your child about signs of spring, draw their attention to buds on trees when you are out and about. Why not try growing some seeds at home?

Look at fruit with your little one- The very hungry caterpillar eats a lot of fruit.


I am aware that some of your emergency contacts may not be available due to this virus, If this is the case, please let me know sooner rather than later and if at all possible lets sort out some alternative emergency contacts.

If you think your child cannot manage the day without calpol, then they need to stay at home, as calpol can mask a temperature. I am more than happy to give prescribed medication if a form is completed first.


Keeping safe in these uncertain times

Doorstep handovers and pickup

  • When dropping off your child please knock or ring the door and place belongings such as bags on the ground by the door.  Step back and remain at a distance – I can then collect bags.

  • When the door is open please say goodbye to your child and send them to me.

  • When your child has come into my house, we will all wash our hands.

  • When collecting your child – again please ring or knock and wait.  I will put your bags on the doorstep and hand over your child.  I realise collection and drop off is very important for communication, therefore you can stand back and we can talk but if another parent arrives, and you want to speak to me confidentially, please either:

  • Telephone, Whatsapp or email me.

  • If another parent is at the door anytime on collection and arrival, please allow the 2 meter rule.

  • Please do not bring any unnecessary items from home ie. Toys  

  • Please just bring your usual essential items.  Obviously little ones can bring their dummies and other comforters.


  • In my setting, I will be wearing clean clothes daily.

  • To minimise the risk, please ensure your child arrives in clean clothes daily.

Sickness and Isolation

  • If a child develops symptoms of coronavirus, they need to return home immediately and isolate for 7 days.  The rest of their household will need to isolate for 14 days, meaning that logistically it will not be possible for your child to return to the setting for 14 days.

  • If anyone in my household develops a new cough or has a fever, we will be required to isolate for 14 days and therefore the childcare provision will be closed for this time.

  • The government have advised that all staff and children attending childcare settings will have access to a test if they are showing symptoms of Corona Virus.  This is to enable them to return quickly to the setting or the setting to reopen quickly if there is a negative result and so it is strongly encouraged for the test to be taken.  If the test is positive every child who attends the setting MUST isolate for 14 days and the setting must close for 14 days.  Family members from those children from the setting who do not show symptoms do not need to isolate unless the child shows symptoms.  This is a government policy.  Following a test, you must show proof of your child/family member’s negative result in order to return.

  • If your child is feeling unwell with other symptoms (ie other than fever or a cough), please do not bring them as I need to protect my family and other children in the setting from illness and closures which would adversely affect everyone.


Social distancing Guidelines​

  • We can now take children out on walks as long as we adhere to the 2m social distancing with others.

  • In line with government guidelines, there will be no visitors into the setting at this time and no parents permitted into the setting at this time.

  • Children will spend all of their time at my setting, other than going for walks.

  • We will use the garden as much as possible, to limit exposure and cross contamination.

  • When we are inside rooms will be well ventilated in warm weather.

  • Highchairs will be placed at a good distance apart...

Cleaning and hygiene

  • I will ensure everyone has their own drinking beaker (either you can bring from home) or I will supply one.  If a child does pick up another beaker to drink from it, I will clean it thoroughly before they use it again.

  • Children will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly ie before meals, after playing in the garden, after sneezing etc.

  • We will continue to use separate hand towels for each child, these are changed and washed daily.

  • If children need to wash or blow their nose, they will be encouraged to do so themselves, dispose of the tissue into a lidded bin and wash their hands.  For the much younger children, I will wipe their nose, dispose of the tissue and wash my hands.

  • In line with government advice, items which are hard to clean will be removed from the playroom during this time.  This includes cushions, throws, dressing up clothes and cuddly toys.  I will use antibacterial spray to clean the resources and highchairs, floors, bathroom etc every evening.  Any toys placed into a child’s mouth will be removed from the room and once they have put it down, it will be cleaned before being returned.  As the situation improves and advice changes this will be reviewed regularly.



I aim to get out with the children most days even if it is raining. Please make sure your child has a suitable waterproof and wellies, and as always we will be getting messy!

Thank you for your continued support