May 2022

May is here


 We are well into spring now and our little ones have enjoyed sowing seeds and watching them "wake up" our tomato seedlings are ready to transplant into pots. Hopefully the rain will keep our seedlings and flowers watered.

The sunshine came and we were outside most of the time. We have continued to feed the birds and had fun watching them.  We have sown tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and planted potatoes. 

The little ones have been fascinated by the worms, slugs and other creatures that live in our outdoor space. with this in mind, and following on from our growing things topic, I thought that this month we would look at the book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." 

I have sent off for some caterpillars for us us watch as they grow pupate and become butterflies. This book gives loads of other learning opportunities, have a look at our current topic page to find out more.

Learning at home-

  1. Continue to look for signs of spring with your little one, new leaves and blossom are amazing when you are only 2!

  2. When out and about, look for Incy Wincy Spider or The Wheels on the Bus, talking about all the sights and sounds around us. 

  3. Why not go on a bug hunt? this is great for reminding little ones about the importance of being kind and gentle. 

  4. When visiting the park, comment on how the flowers and leaves have grown, how they are bigger.

  5.  You could use: leaves, twigs, feathers ect to make a butterfly picture. Talk about how both sides of a butterfly are the same.



Covid is still with us

The rules have changed

The latest Govt plan is that we learn to live with Covid and manage it like we manage all other respiratory infections 
If a child has symptoms such as a high temperature or a constant new cough –
**There is no requirement to test.
**The child should stay at home for 3 days.
**They need to be temperature free and well enough to manage the normal daily routines before returning to the setting.
More updated guidance from the Govt about children and Covid-19 here –
If I develop symptoms
The NHS guidance states that, ‘Many people will no longer be infectious to others after 5 days and advises us to –
**Try and stay at home for 5 days.
**Avoid contact with others iand stay away from busy places.
Childminders CANNOT continue to work when they have Covid-19 symptoms. Testing is no longer required.

  I will not accept any children into the setting if there is a positive case within their home - ie a parent or sibling. I aim to be as effective as I can in infection control to keep everyone- including myself safe. 

I cannot accept any child into my setting if they are unwell.


In the event that a member of my family displays symptoms, they will isolate upstairs away from anywhere the little ones will be and parents will be informed.


During the working day if any minded child displays any symptoms of COVID19, I will phone for them to be collected as soon as possible. 

Symptoms of COVID19 

- High temperature

- New continuous cough

- Loss of taste or smell

- Diarrhoea

- Blocked or runny nose

- Aching muscles

- Vomiting

- Long lasting headache

- Sore throat

- Feeling run down, tired and unwell


I will not charge any parent if a child need to stay away because of suspected covid. This includes symptoms in a child parent or myself.


My health policy is there to protect the other children, their families and of course, me and my family. I would rather close to one family than risk the rest of of setting becoming ill (including myself) 

If any parent knowingly sends their ill child to my setting an immediate termination of contract will be given upon collection of your child.







I aim to get out with the children most days even if it is raining. Please make sure your child has a suitable waterproof and wellies, and as always we will be getting messy!


I am aware that some of your emergency contacts may not be available due to this virus, If this is the case, please let me know sooner rather than later and if at all possible lets sort out some alternative emergency contacts.

If you think your child cannot manage the day without calpol, then they need to stay at home, as calpol can mask a temperature. I am more than happy to give prescribed medication if a form is completed first.

Thank you for your continued support