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June 2024

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Junes newsletter, last month we looked at numbers, we counted, sorted, found numbers, and looked at mathematical concepts like shape, time and pattern, big, bigger and biggest and small, smaller and smallest. 

All the fun we have had with numbers lays down strong foundation stones as they begin to learn maths at school.

We will be carrying this on in June and following everyone's interests in the creepy crawlies we find outside, we will be looking more closly at mini beasts. I have sent off for some caterpillars that we can observe as they grow, become chrysalis and emerge into butterflies.

As usual my planning can be found on our current topic page.

Hopefully the sun will begin to shine and so it is important that your little one has their own sun hat and sun cream when they come to Lesley's.


Learning at home

  • Show interest when your little one is curious about beetles, worms, spiders etc.

  • Visit the library, there are some really good books that feature ladybirds, caterpillars and spiders.

  • Continue to count everything.


Thank you for your continued support


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